Print Your Own S&F Stickers

Click on an image to download:

Instead of sending $2 or an SASE for the printed, vinyl Shake & Fold stickers, you can download one of these images to make your own sticker! You can print them at at home or take the artwork to a professional printer.*

The “Print Your Own” sticker is a great option if you live outside of the USA. We’ve translated the stickers into a variety of languages.

These came to us from people who have embraced Shake & Fold and want to share the message in their country.

If you don’t see a sticker in your language, please help us by sending a translation! You are also welcome to suggest improvements to any of these translations. Send and email to

Many thanks and remember, Shake & Fold!

* If you want to have stickers commercially, send an email to We can provide you with camera-ready artwork and recommend this company, PrintRunner. They can run small and large quantities plus they ship internationally for free.