Shake & Fold Song

The Shake & Fold song is great for spreading the word in schools. Kids love to shake along as well as participate in the “call and response” chorus.

Make sure to teach kids that the water must always be shaken into the sink and not on the mirror, the wall, the floor and never on a person.

Molly McCall and Cecelia Warner perform the Shake & Fold song in a Talent Show

Shake & Fold Song Lyric

to the tune of “Y’all Come” by Arlie Duff (1953)

Lyrics by Molly Westmoreland & Cecelia Warner (2017)

Download lyrics as PDF

Every time you wash your hands
The whole world demands
That you don’t use your pants to get them dry

You’ll look smarter than an owl
If you fold one paper towel
Shake your hands and merely blot the wet away

Shake and fold (Shake and fold!)
Shake and fold (Shake and fold!)
Shake your hands and fold one paper towel
Shake and fold (Shake and fold!)
Shake and fold (Shake and fold!)
It’s a better way to dry your hands right now


Wasting paper is so tragic
When just a little magic
Can make one paper towel work twice as well

“Interstitial suspension”
Sounds like a fourth dimension
It’s so AWESOME – it makes me want to yell!  Ya-Hoo!


You don’t have to fiddle
The magic’s in the middle
The air inside the fold can suck up more

Shake the water off your hands
Don’t fill up the waste cans
Use just one folded towel – you don’t need four!