March 2, 2018

About Shake & Fold

In 2015 I came across Joe Smith’s Tedx 2012 talk about Shake & Fold. It changed my life. I knew I had to locate Joe Smith and pick his brain. I combed the internet until I found him – and he lives only 30 miles away.

I asked Joe if he was going to continue with the campaign. But due to his wife’s health he declined. He told me I could be the new face of Shake & Fold and I’ve been working on it ever since.

I wrote a “Mini Grant” to my town’s Sustainability Commission and got enough money to print enough stickers to place on every elementary school paper towel dispenser in the local school district. Volunteers helped me place them and I’ve been putting stickers up around town.

But this campaign has grown beyond small town Oregon: I’ve been contacted by people from Sweden, Germany, Brazil and England. In the U.S. I’ve heard from folks from California to Maine.

Now there is a Shake & Fold song that is great for spreading the word in schools. I plan to make a “music video” with it soon.

Spread the love and send for up to ten stickers for free. Place them in restaurants (ask permission first), talk to people, and teach by example in every washroom.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Shake & Fold!

Cecelia Warner, Forest Grove Oregon, 2018

Link to Joe Smith’s Tedx talk